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Export table to excel


Hi! I have a question, I´m having problems to solve The following problem...

I´m cumulating measures in a table, and I would like to save this table in a excel book every time a finish The measurement, and save them in some different folder, which is why, The vi should open an empty book, export The information, and ask me where should be saved. Basically I need to back up The information. The thing is that I don't know what kind of structure to use, neither how to use it. Any one can hello me with this problem?


Best regards.


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write spreadsheet to file, or write measurement file, or write text file. any of them will do the trick.

i couldn't open your vi because my labview version is older, so this is about all i can help.


about telling you where to save the file, if you leave the input terminal unwired it'll ask you where to save, automatically.

i prefer to use write measurement file, because it's easy to configure and the file created can be open as a txt file, which means it can also be opened by microsoft excel.

hope i helped. 

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Nihil! thanks for your quick response, i apreciate it. i´ve tried using the write to spread sheet file, the thing is that i don´t know how to "get out" of the loop that cumulate measures, wich is the first step before saving the measures.  i´m new with LV and i can´t figure it out how to do this...

what version you have? mabe i can send the project in that version..

thanks again,


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mine is 8.2 maybe if you take a print scr you could send me an image of your program and i could advise you.

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I´ve attached my project, hopefully you´ll be able to open it.


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Nihil, here´s the PDF document, just in case you could not open the LV 8.2 file I sent to you.

The part I´m concerned about is the page one.

Once again, thanks for your help.


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hola WM, sorry i didn't answer, i was busy with work and haven't had time to look through your program. i'll do it this afternoon and give you a responce then.

see ya, culliau!


[ i think we are not supposed to use other languages in the english forum so let's stay in english] 

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Nihil! thank´s! I was under the impression that you were cbes!

Is there any way you could send me an e- mail to contact you? i have a couple of questions to ask..



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no problem. (you can delete your address now)
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