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Export Simplified Image, with color markers


I have a few graphs that i'd like in a report, they need to look neat and will get resized along the way. So i need to export them as vector based graphics (.eps or .emf), i have been using Export Simplified Image (Object Shortcut Menu -> Data Operations ->Export Simplified Image). For most plots this has worked fine.

Problem comes when i make plot with just markers no lines, when i do the export the marker points are always black. I would like to show the differences between some data sets using colour not just marker shape. When i do the same plot but with lines and markers, then both the lines and markers come out in color. Exporting to .eps and and .emf has identical results.

An example is attached, with the two plots (with lines and without). I am using LabView 8.0 on WinXP could it be a version thing? Anyone willing to test on other versions?


Tim (LabRat1)
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Hi Tim,

I reproduced your issue in LabVIEW 8.0 but it has been fixed in version 8.20. If possible I would recomend an upgrade or try the evaluation version which you can download from:


Jon Bowers
Applications Engineer
NIUK & Ireland
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Hi Jon,

Thanks so much, I have it working in version 8.2.


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I am currently experiencing this same issue in 8.6.1.  Markers export as black no matter the file format or if copied to the clipboard.  Any help?
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Hi Topher,


How are you doing this?  Are you going to right-click>>Export Simplified Image.  I have done this with the code attached on the forum above and this works fine for me using 8.6.1f1.  You could try installing the patch for 8.6.1 if you haven't already to ensure we are on the same version.  This is available at although it should not fix anything to do with this.  Does this also not work by using the property node as described in the KB at


James Mc
CLA and cRIO Fanatic
My writings on LabVIEW Development are at
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Thanks for the link.  I've been using the Export Image method after manipulating the graph to make it more report suitable.  I replaced this with the Get Image method and Write to BMP VI and the picture comes out correctly.  This is a decent workaround, as most of the time I export to a file.  However, I've been using the Export Image method to give the user the option of exporting to the clipboard so they can paste it anywhere they'd like, and I don't see a workaround for that with the Get Image method.  Any ideas?




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