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Expert system and LabView

Would like to find out opinion of the experts on an opportunity of use LabView as an environment for construction of expert systems (diagnostics of computers and system protection of a local network against attacks). Whether has LabView sufficient opportunities for this purpose?
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Hi tumanovalex,

Since LabVIEW is a programming language, like C, Java, etc., you can basically do anything in LabVIEW that you could in these other languages.  LabVIEW also includes a palette of VIs for TCP and UDP communication, and a number of example programs on using these VIs to help make your job easier.

I hope this helps!  Please let us know if you have further questions.
Megan B.
National Instruments

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I recognise that many programming languages exist becuase each has its own seciality and ease of use. LabVIEW has proven spectacularly useful for rapid prototyping and has helped me to explain low level functionality for others ho are less inclined to progrmming.


I have a requirement for a knowledge based system, which I can see how to implement very easily in Prolog. That said, not many inexpensive implementations of Prolog have interfaces to other programming languages such as LabVIEW.


Does anyone know of an existing framework for LabVIEW where knowedge can be represented and an inference engine built in a fashion similar to Prolog or some other language assosciated with artificial intelligence?

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Even i also having same doubt, i will feel very happy if any one explains regarding this

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Prolog is a declarative programming language, well suited for symbolic programming, inferences, and abstract decision making.  LabVIEW, on the other hand, is an Engineering Workbench (the last two letters of LabVIEW) specializing in Virtual Instruments (guess which letters of LabVIEW these constitute).  Given that, in principle, you could design a Prolog Interpreter in LabVIEW, I would recommend using a language such as Prolog or other Declarative systems instead of LabVIEW, which you could use to make a pretty User Interface for your Prolog Interpreter ...


Bob Schor

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