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Execute order of an event trigged by other event

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Not a Knight of NI but I'll pass as well. I don't have time for your foolish nonsense. You were given lots of much better solutions to your stated problem. McDuff even mentioned user events (not recommending them but telling you that this was an option). Why was his answer not marked as the solution since he's the one who suggested it? 

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@John4191 wrote:

As a Knight of NI, I expect you (all) to understand what those hints (pictures) meant But I doubt it hmm. Yes, 'Dynamic user events' has no other meaning but is actually supported for the initial basic designed events of LV. And that's obviously true!


One of the Knight of NI may create a vi from the hint, can you? 🙂

Most of the Knights became Knights by helping others become better LV developers.


Coding up a cleaned-up version of that image you posted would not be helping anyone but rather hurting them ("could we? vs should we?").


You are hurting yourself with your refusal to listen to any of the good advise that has been offered free of charge with good intent.


There is plenty of rope built into LV. I am sure you will have plenty of fun along the way.







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There doesn't seem to be any value in keeping this topic open at this point.

Whether you are asking questions or helping others, we just ask that you do so with respect per our NI Community User Guidelines.

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