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Execute Patterns in HSDIO 6556 with synchronizing SMU 4145

Hi All,

I am using HSDIO 6556 to execute patterns which is already stored in HSDIO memory as a waveform. 

in between a pattern I want to Measure Current on some pins which is connected to SMU 

Please suggest me how do I synchronize these two instrument ?


Best Regards
Manasa M
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Hey Manasa,

The 6556 has Per-pin Parametric Measure Units (PPMU). Are the specifications for the PPMUs satisfactory for your needs? If so, you could do both measurements on the 6556, and there'd be no need to worry about synchronization.


In general, NI's technology for synchronizing multiple PXI instruments is TClk using the PXI backplane. If I remember correctly, though, TClk on the 6556 is only supported for synchronizing between multiple 6556s. I'm not sure if it's guaranteed to work with an SMU, but you're welcome to try.


The final thing I will note is that you might want to investigate the new Digital Pattern Instrument for semiconductor applications. It also has PPMUs on every channel, but has a more familiar API and app software experience for semiconductor users. The Digital Pattern Editor also integrates DC Power pins and Digital pins into a single User Interface.

Brian Morgan | NI Software Engineer, R&D
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You also might want to consider moving this topic to the "Digital I/O" board for more visibility to members familiar with HSDIO.

Brian Morgan | NI Software Engineer, R&D
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Thanks for the reply BrianMorgan

the problem is I dont have a HSDIO connected to the pin which I want to measure a current. I have only SMU on it. I could split the patterns in to two waveform and run 1st wave form than measure current and run 2nd waveform but it is not a time efficient and if I have to measure current in 10+ count so I have to split my pattern 10+ different waveform that is not the good apporch.

Best Regards
Manasa M
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