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Executable to deploy image to Real Time Target

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I'm trying to write a utility to update our sbRIO's in deployed systems. Currently we have a windows client that we are writing the tool for. Its a simple enough VI on its own and works fine from a development computer but when I try to run it from our run-time only system I receive error -2147220364, saying the operation is not supported on the Restart Target call.


I found this thread but half of the names in the solution don't appear in the additional installers list.


We are using user name and passwords on the system.

I'll upload tech reports shortly but I've explicitly installed CompactRIO 17.6, System Configuration 17.6 17.0, LVRTE 16.0 is there. 

Does anyone have any hints of what could be missing on client system? 

Kyle Hartley
Software Engineer
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Calling Find Systems before trying to connect to the target allows the executable to run just fine.

Kyle Hartley
Software Engineer
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