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Executable not creating or writing data from cDAQ to textfile

Hi all.


I'm working on a project to sample data from USB cDAQ. Every session is timestamped and the data is recorded to a textfile (whose name will be the timestamp). I have succesfully tested the executable on the PC with LabVIEW installed and everything works fine.


I've made an executable and then packaged an installer for it to install on PC without LabVIEW. When i was packaging the installer i selected the option to run the application immediately after it has been installed. Immediately after installation the application runs without any problem but after closing the application i get the message to restart the PC to complete the installation. Once the PC restarts the Application no longer creates or writes the data it samples from the compact DAQ ADCs to a text file. However the data is still correctly sampled from the cDAQ and displays correctly on a xy graph indicator.


Have i left something out of the installer build process?


Please help

Kind Regards


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Its all sorted out now. Windows7 didn't like a character i put in the textfile name. The development was done on WIndows XP and it allowed me to put the character in without any problems.

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