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Executable Not Loading for Others

Hey everyone,


I built an executable to hand out to my group and for some reason no matter what I include in the thumbdrive (all the .dlls and everything) it's still showing up that it's missing the subVIs.


I have built and rebuilt this application and for some reason every time it still refuses to include the necessary information to load on other peoples systems.


Any advice on how I can go about fixing this?





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To run LabVIEW code on a machine without a LabVIEW installation, you need at least the LabVIEW RunTime Engine.  When you built your Executable, did you build an Application (EXE) or an Installer?  I do the former, as most of the machines running my code either have LabVIEW or I install the appropriate RunTime Engine myself.  The "Installer" route (which I've never used) is supposed to do this for you.


Bob Schor

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They have the runtime engine, and can run other programs I've sent out, but not this one.

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How exactly are you creating exe?

-Is this VI part of project? You must have project to create an EXE.

-Are Chr616xx libraries custom developed? Or downloaded?

-How are you adding these to EXE?

-What are the missing VIs it says when you run the exe?

-Are these people have same operationg system and bit version ?

-And finally it's better to go with installer since some times you might miss some drivers

-Not only basic runtime is enough, you need to install these Chr16xx drivers also along with it and hence proceed with creating installer and adding all these to it.


Some coding advice:

-Code is too big try using SubVIs so that you can view code in single monitor.

-Using project to hold dependent libraries together will help you to avoid these kind of errors.

-I didn't understand the point your outer loop stop terminal is connected to Start Test Button?

-If you have only two cases in case structure try replacing with select to reduce block diagam size.

-If you want to add delay you can use timing functions instead of event structure.

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The VI is part of a project, yes.

The Chr616xx libaries are downloaded (and the problem).

They should be dependencies and automatically included if referenced (correct?)

Supposedly every chroma related VI is missing.

They are using the same OS but don't have labview.

Apparently I can't run the installer build because it isn't part of the package I have (?)

Can I direct them to these drivers so that they can install them with the runtime engine?


Yeah it's a mess. I have gotten better since then (this was only the second program I wrote), but I still need to get the hang of subVIs.I've started using select features instead, but every now and again I find the true false case statements still useful.


I could be mistaken, but I think that the point of using event structures for timing is because if someone wants to stop the test for any reason, it needs to stop regardless of if it's happening during a delay or not. Is there a better way to do this?

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The LabVIEW Professional Development System includes the Application Builder. If you use the LabVIEW Base Package or Full Development System, you can purchase the Application Builder separately. Which version you have ?

-Yes the drivers also need to be installed.

-Even if you use the event structure it will stop only after the time to wait. And I didn't understand this point because to that event structure i didn't see any event for stop(Single Timeout event exist)!


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Oh now I see it. Yeah that startup one can be changed. The rest of them I think that I stand by (key word, think).


I'm having him install the drivers now. I'll let you know if that works out. Thank you!

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