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Exe not communicating in other PC

Some OS's consider C:\ protected.  C:\<MyCompany>\ usually works 

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Hi Ptakkar,

                         Do you have DSC run time license for your deployment machine? Looking at your code; I see that you are using DSC module for making LaBVIEW as OPC client.




AE NI India

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Dear Kamlesh


Seems like DSC run time was the problem,but now I have another problem,I am able to communicate through data socket where as something is wrong with shared varicble settings.

It reads from the developer pc and when  I turn it off  the devoper PC only data socket variables communicate and shared variable doesnt .kindly let me know if i need to provide any other information.


Thanks & Regads


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Hi Platkkar,

                         What do you mean by turnning off the developer PC? were these shared variables created on your developer pc?

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Dear Kalmlesh


seems like the problem is solved,the only i needed to make was to change the computer name with local host,and everything is every fine after it. however i have another doubt.i am using data logging and the data is coming through opc.sometimes it misses few changes ,is there any drawback using opc for data logging .i want to log data in miliseconds(approx 10ms).is that possible with ni OPC.




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