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Exe gets deleted

hi there!

i am trying to build an application on labview. when i build by application it generates a .exe in builds folder but when i run that exe it shows an error that the file doesn't exists and deletes that exe. and dont let me delete that build folder (unless i change its name) giving permissions error (my build folder is in primary drive).

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@aliana wrote:

(my build folder is in primary drive).

What does that mean?

What's the OS?

What kind of AV/security software is running on that PC?

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I agree with altenbach's questions. I would suggest you to make sure your user has the privileges required to perfom read/write operations in the primary drive and location you're building to. I'd also suggest turning off any antivirus/firewall software that might be causing this behavior to happen. Finally, I encourage you to be more detailed as for the errors you're seeing. Usually a screenshot can give a lot of cokntext on what the cause of a certain issue can be.


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Usually when you build an Executable, you do so from the context of a LabVIEW Project.  Usually a Project and all its LabVIEW VIs and controls are contained (along with the .lvproj file) in a single folder.  If you compress the folder and attach the .zip file, we can not only examine your VI for problems, but can also see the Build Specification and might spot the issue.


One good place to build an Executable is in (assuming a standard Windows 7/8/10 configuration) C:\Users\Public\Documents\Builds.  In (all?) Windows configuration, the Public Documents folder is read/write to all authenticated users, so there are no permission problems when other users want to run the program.  Another trick is to create a Shortcut to the .exe file (this works best if you've made an Icon for it) and place the Shortcut on the Public Desktop, where it (should) inherit the Read/Execute privilege for all users.


Bob Schor

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