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Exe file not printing PDF on other PC



First of all I am using the LabVIEW 2020 32bit-version.


My program runs perfectly on the development pc. 

It also runs perfectly as an exe on the PC I programmed this.


My program ist very, very simple. I am using the MS Office Report with the So I fill in 2 numbers and create the report with the aid of Bookmarks. The next step is creating the report. I´ve adjusted that I print the report in the MS Office report to the printer "Microsoft Print to PDF".


Now I wanted to build an exe and hoped it would run like in the development version.

I built the exe and added the VI I wanted to run to "Startup VIs" in the category "Source Files". Then I added the template and the whole folder "NIReport.llb" to the "always included" box. In the source file settings i set the check for "Set destination for all contained items".

So I think I added eveything I need.


By the way; the project, the template, the VI and the exe are in the same folder. 

As I said, it works completely perfect on the PC I´ve programmed this.


On The other PC there is the same Word version and the Runtime Engine is installed too. 

Only nothing happens when you open the exe, fill in the text or numbers you wanted to fill in the template an then you want to run it. The arrow shows that it runs but nothing happens. Also there is no error code or something.


Could anyone please help??


I think it´s a problem with the "always included" but there are so many posibilities.

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You need to post your code, we can't troubleshoot pictures of code fragments.

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I´ve attached the VI.


I hope you can troubleshoot better now. 

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