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Exe build with database conn and report generation vi's?

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I tried to build an .exe and learned the hard way that there are many things needed to be included for this to work.  As is now my program is not working.

I wanted to get a list of necessary steps to make a successful build.  Please correct me if I am wrong or missing anything:


1.  For the report generation toolkit I must include a few support files (_exclsub.llb and _wordsub.llb)

2.  For the database connectivity:  I must follow NI's User guide by implementing the toolset build script function?  Is there an easier way?


If there are any simpler ways to get this working please let me know.


Dev machine=vista LV2010 office 2007

Target machine=XP office 2007

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I just want to confirm, do you have the Labview Run-Time Engine or Labview on the target machine?


Eric L

Eric Liauw
Senior AE Specialist - Automated Test | CLD | CTA
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author BernieSAIC

Thanks for the response,


Yes I have the runtime installed.  I also got the program working correctly by doing the following:


LV 8.6 and greater-->

1.  added two folders to the project from the project explorer menu.

      a.  Utilities folder

      b.  LVClass folder

2.  during the .exe build I had to:

      a.  add LVClass folder to always include in source file settings

      b.  browse in the Utilities folder to NIReportLLB folder and add that to always include as mentioned above (note:  if you add the whole utilities folder you will get a broken vi error when building it, even if you fix the vi it still didn't work properly for me so I just included the folder I needed for word/excel)


took about a day to troubleshoot and fix but the program is working as expected.  Hope this helps someone else in the future.



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