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Exception: Access violation (0xC0000005) at EIP=0x00F93B10


When start LabVIEW 2014, it crashed with following exception: 

Exception: Access violation (0xC0000005) at EIP=0x00F93B10

Any suggestions?

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Yes, a repair or a full reinstallation might help.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
LabVIEW ArchitectLabVIEW ChampionLabVIEW Instructor
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Try renaming your <LabVIEW>\project folder to something like <LabVIEW>\project_hidden and then starting up LabVIEW.


LabVIEW looks to this location to populate the tools menu when it launches and (to me) it looks like LabVIEW is in the process of populating this menu and, more specifically, loading some class that it needs for one of these menu items. Renaming the folder will cause LabVIEW to skip loading these items because it can't find them and is an easy way to test whether that's the issues you're running into.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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