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Excel worksheet and add multiple new worksheets

I have a piece of equipment that generates space delimited event logs, I can view them fine with Excel. But each log is a separate file, and I wish to get them all onto one .xls as separate sheets. Using Active X I can add one sheet with Add Before or Add After, but when I try to get a second sheet added, I lose the sheet name and add a blank "Sheet x". I've really messed around alot with the indexing and got mixed but similar results as far as placing new blank sheets around the one I moved correctly, but never got the next sheet inserted. Anyone have similar problems, maybe figure it out?
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Sounds like you are trying to add several sheets using the same reference. Once you add a sheet using Before or After, you cannot trust the reference to properly point to the same sheet. You will need to close that reference and create a new one to correctly point to the new layout.

Here is a VI that I wrote for this purpose. I use it to setup a workbook with a specific number of sheets, each with a specific name. Just put it in a for loop with an array of the desired sheet names. You can also place it in your current loop, to select the next sheet before writing.

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I have a bunlde of data need to be save in the excel file . In one sheet the number of data can be keep is only 65536. Any ideas to write those data in sheet 1 (data 1 - 65536),

Sheet 2 (data 65537 - data 131073) and so on? Which the progarm might need to add on the 4th or more sheet if the number of data is large.

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Hi leo77,

where do you habe problems? What have you done so far? You also need to use ActiveX to write your data.



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I only able to save the data into the 1st sheet. I attahed a simulation vi for your review. Active _X , can you give more details suggestion or example?
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Hi leo77,

the result of you program isn't a real Excel file. The "write to spreadsheet file" function create a txt file which can be opend by excel, but that's all.

See this thread for more information about ActiveX and Excel.



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