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Excel using Create Report

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Hello everyone,

I am having an issue in LabVIEW 2018 where I can successfully write to an Excel file using Create Report but when I run the .exe the program will not write to Excel. I do not get any errors, but I know it stops on Create I have tried running it as Admin on Windows 7 and Windows 10 with Excel 2016 and Excel 365. Thank you for the help.


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Hi Todd,


Are you running the executable on the development PC or a different PC?

What path are you feeding in as a template?

When you say "it stops on Create", do you mean the program is hanging, or it crashes?

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Sorry I should ave been more clear. 

I tried the compiled exe on the development PC and a different computer.

It is a local path C:\eng_apps\data that has full read and right access.

This is the path of both the compiled exe and the development run.

"it stops on Create" No error no crashing is presented Create just does nothing.

The code does not continue after Create in the compiled exe but in the development run Create has no problem completing it's task.



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In LabVIEW 2016 I think it is called New I did find "Create" help online here, but the icon does not match yours. I just want to verify that is the function we are talking about though.


Hmm... if you run it on the development PC, that should rule out any problems with Excel.

The template path should be a path to an Excel sheet, not to a folder. 

So, are you expecting an Excel window to pop up? But it does not open so that's why you draw the conclusion that it's not doing anything?

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Accepted by topic author todd.patterson

Some of the report generation toolkit stuff is loaded dynamically and can be missed in the build process. See this KB for a solution.

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I've used the Report Generation Toolkit to read and write Excel Workbooks for about a decade.  It is fairly straight-forward if you use the Report Generation Toolkit, especially if you are doing straight-forward logging.  Building an Executable is generally not problem either, but you should probably be sure that you are using the same version of Excel on the machine where you build the executable and the machine where you run it.  


There's a good demo showing how to create a Report with the RGT (I believe it's a few years old, and may use the older "New Report" instead of "Create Report", but will work).  Go to the Search function of this Forum and search for "Revised Excel Example" (or something like that).


Bob Schor

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