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Excel tdms add in not showing data in spreadsheet


I've succesfully installed the Excel TDM Add In on several computers.


The latest computer I tried to set up lets you select a TDMS file to import but the channel data does not appear. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no luck. There are two example files attached. One from a successful import and another that is missing the data. Both files used the same source TDMS file which is also attached.


It is running Windows 7 64-bit with MS Office 2010 - no different from the computers that the add in works on.


Any idea what could be wrong?

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What you forgot to mention is what process did you do to import the one that worked, and the one that didn't work?


Was it the same process?


All I did was double click the TDMS file.  By default it will open it with the TDMS Importer and open it in Excel.  For me the import was fine and I had all the data that your Successful version did.


If you are interested in automating this feel free to try out my importer utility.


It relies on the TDMS Excel add-in but it allows for other formatting, and freezing rows/columns in the data as well as providing an alternative summary page.

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Hi Rnojima,


We are trying to reproduce the problem.


What was the version of your Excel TDM Addin?

Can you please delete the .tdms_index before doing the importing, then check if any .log file appears?


Did the machine have any other NI software installed, e.g. DIAdem, LabVIEW? Which version?

Can you please check if they can read the tdms file correctly?




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I use Scout TDMS Editor, it's a good tool and it's free, and you can also export to Excel.


Hope it helps

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Antoine Chalons

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I did the same. Double clicked on the file and let the importer do its thing. I also tried using the TDMS add In button to open the file from within Excel with the same results - no data.



The computer had no NI software on it before installing the add in. I installed this NITDMEXCEL_3-5-1.exe.

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Not that I think it makes a difference but I used version


Did you try deleting the Index file too?  I didn't have to but NI suggested it.  Also some times when an import fails the importer will make a text file in the same directory as the TDMS file that gives low level debugging information that NI can use to determine why it failed.  Did a new text file get made after the import failed?  If so post it.

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I'll try deleting the index file later today.

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Here's the text file created when I deleted the index file.

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The datatype of those problematic channels is extended-precision floating-point, that is found not supported by the standalone TDM Excel Addin 3.5.1.

We are working on a fix and will keep you updated. 


Thanks for reporting the issue.


Best Regards,


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The new version is available for download. TDM Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel Download

Please let us know if that works for you.




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