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Excel Problem - move sheet and set axis of 2 plots (URGENT)

I just realise that I post my problem in the wrong forum ( I need some help on Excel using ActiveX. I have 2 problems.
1. Move the sheet
I want to change the order of the worksheets. When I create a new Excel file, the order of the worksheet is Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3. I would like to change the order to Sheet2, Sheet1, Sheet3.
I have created a vi (attached below, in LabVIEW 8.20) but there is no change in the order of the worksheet. I guess I am missing out something. Could anyone give me some advise??
2. Set the axis of 2 plots
I want to have 2 plots on 1 graph, plot A and plot B. Both plots have different range of values on y-axis. Example, range of y-axis of plot A is 0-10, that of plot B is +/-5. I would like to change the range of y-axis to 0-10. This will means that I am ignoring any y value of plot B that is less than zero.
I hope anyone could give me some light on my problems. Thank you 😃
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Hi Lee,
For your first question, try it this way:
With regard to your second question, what have you tried so far?

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James R.
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This is exactly what I was looking for. This was a tough one. Not much information out there that gets quite this specific. I have written a VI that includes this way of moving a sheet. I posted it on the Excel forum.




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