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Excel Easy Text VI Fill Color

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Anyone know why when using the Excel Easy that when you enter text into the VI and look at the Excel file, the Fill Color of the interted text is white? I thought that it would be set to No Fill. Is there anyway to change this to no color without manually doing this? I looked in the font cluster for the VI and it doesn't appear to be a selection for this.


I am using LabView 2012.

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Hi Eric,


Yes it is because the default background color is set to be white.


You could experiment using the "Excel Set Cell Color and Boarder VI" to configure those settings programatically. You can find it at the Functions pallette » report generation toolkit » Excel specific » Excel format (There you can find also other VIs to configure cell settings programatically)



Excel Set Cell Color and Border VI





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Thanks for posting. I'll take a look.



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