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Examination of changes in output voltage range, depending on the period of time

Hi Everyone!

I'm mechanical engineer student and never used labview before this semester. I have to do a homework, but honestly, I have no idea how to solve this problem. We barely learn anything about state machines, but we have to use this "knowledge" to do our homework. Could you help me to solve this problem?

My homework:
Examination of changes in output voltage range, depending on the period of time.

A general description of task:
The window that appears at startup programs has to include "New measurement", "Settings" and "Load Results" and "Exit" button with which the required functions are available in newly opened windows.
The program has to save the settings in separate files. Program startup configuration is applied automatically when the last running back to recharge. A subsequent loading of saved settings should be possible.
After starting the measurement, the measured data sets continue to display graphic display(s). The measurement process must be stopped at any time without damage to the stored files. The measured data must be able to store the program (an optional feature in Settings) file formats found in the specification.
The measurement data stored must be prepared to call a subroutine using. Characteristic measurement data file for the selected measurement parameters are to be read during the loading , and the sampled data series graphically displayed.

Within the sub-program measurement required sine / square / triangle waveform modulation variable periodic time. The output voltage range (minimum, maximum values) has to register after one period to occur. When evaluating the first full period, it should be ignored.
For evaluation required after the file browsing with automatic detection of the data file format. The program reads the measurement parameters and the results recorded.
Measurement data file extension:
tdms, xls, txt
Used device:
NI USB-6008

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Have you tried looking at the examples that ship with LabVIEW? We are not here to do your home work. I think that is part of the learing process. Learn how to use the tools you have. I had to do my own homework when I was in college.

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Its always good to try something and get information from experts for a specific task, instead of transfering your responsibility on others.

please go through the basics try something and get help from forum and not the exact solution.

Forum is not a place to get your work done, but a place to learn things to get your work done by yourself.

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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