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Everyone can give comments on my proj

Here's a rough idea of what is meant by an event structure with your program. There's an initialization part and then after that, the event structure takes care of all updates.
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Please find further information about Event Structures in this tutorial:

Changing the Face of Design Patterns with LabVIEW 7 Express Event Structure
- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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Hi Phillip,

I am not familiar with the VI Analyzer.

Is it possible to enable various conditions, such as if you know your VI's are only going to run on Windows machine, you can stop it generating Platform Portability failed tests?

To some one who is new to Labview, such as 'keeper' is, it could be quite confusing to be presented with such a report and may spent hours trying to reduce the number of fails with no real benefits e.g. bends in wires.

What did Keeper make of the report?

I can see where this could be useful, by the team leader or senior engineer(s), whom would have more experience in understanding the results and could guild the junior members of the team.

Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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Hi Ray,

You are right that there might be information in the report from the VI Analyzer that new programmers will not find useful. That is why you can choose exactly what types of checks you want VI Analyzer to perform.

I've attached a screenshot of the configuration window from VI Analyzer. Notice that each "+"-sign in the list indicates a list of sub-items for further customization.
- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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Hi Philip,

Thanks for the info.

Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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I have install labview express) (7.0?). How come I can't open trial.Vi which I understand is in labview 7.1?
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You cannot open a VI which was saved in a later version than yours. This is probably mainly because of new features and functionalities appearing, which you can't use in older versions because they don't exist there.
Each version allows you to save one version backwords, which is what I did. I used 7.1 to save the VI for 7.0.
This has produced a number of errors, but the VI worked after replacing an invoke node.

Try to take over the world!
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What is an invoke mode?
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For such a general question, it's unlikely that the forum can give a better overview than the LabVIEW manuals and help files.

Check out chapter 17 of the LabVIEW User Manual (Help >> Search the LabVIEW Bookshelf) and find the Invoke Noke topic in the online Help. Then we can address more specific questions.

Best Regards,
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Thanks. I have been doing some reading.
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