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Every Windows 7 PC I install my LabVIEW installer on ends up marking all files read only and will not work.

I’m very frustrated with this at this point.  I build an exe, build an installer that puts everything in Program Files (x86).  Launch from the shortcut and I get a read/write error from a read text file.  If I go look at the file it’s marked read only.  Any change I make will not save, Access is denied.  It’s just a text file.  You can change it from read only hit ok and it just switches right back.  I know it’s some kind of User permissions thing but why in the F*** does it keep happening with LabVIEW installs.  Any other installed program won’t do this.

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You say "All files" but is it really all files or just a specific subset? Is that text file something that you install in Program files? Could it be the file is open in another application? Many file operations in the prorgam files hierarchy are blocked by the OS.


Also have a look at e.g. this discussion.

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There are several config text files basically that install in a folder under the main folder in Program Files (x86)

C:/Program Files (x86)/Main Folder/Sub Folder/Config.txt





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Is the person installing the application an administrator who has rights on the PC?  Is the person using the app have admin rights?


Windows does not want you to store files in a Program Files directory that is meant for rewriting.  If you are an admin, you might be able to get away with it, but a non-privileged user of the application would not.


Windows provides other locations intended for storing files for configuration that could be written and rewritten to.  Once possibility is to store settings in the registry.  But for using files, they belong in either the User Application Data path (if you want each user to have their own settings" or the Public Application Data path (if you want all users to share the same settings).   Look in the File I/O palette >>File Constants where there is a subVI which returns the paths related to all the token system filepaths you might be interested in.

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As others have said this is a limitation of the operating system, and writing files that are under the Program Files folder is generally discouraged.  Most users have adopted to writing files in the application data folder, or program data folder.  Typically this is at the following folders, and can be found with the Get System Directory function.


C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming



That being said the easy solution to just make this work, is to edit your Application Builder settings for the installer, and set the text file to be "unlocked", then all users should be able to write to it even under Program Files.

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