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Event stucks

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Hi all

Strange Things happen to me: I have two equal Event structures (mouse enter and leave) of a framed Color box.

Either one works (mouse over changes the Color, the other disabled by a disable structure). But both don't work. I the mouse enter one of them, ok, but leaving stucks the program. The Event inspector Shows an unhandled Event (mouse leave)

Windows 10-64bit, LabVIEW 2021. Same error in 32 and 64 bit Version.


I'm glad for any help!

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I can't open your vi because I only have LabVIEW 2019 installed on my work computer, but are you saying that you have two separate event structures? Did you read the "Caveats and Recommendations when Using Events in LabVIEW"? 

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Use 1 event structure, not 2.

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Accepted by crossrulz

Both Event Structures must execute in order for the loop to iterate.  You this will not be possible.  As already stated, you should be using a single Event Structure to handle all of your GUI events, including your stop button.  You can even use some tricks so a single event case can handle multiple events.


See if this makes any sense to you.

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It works. Thank you very much for fast and successful help!

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