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Event Structure Issue

I just started having this issue today out of nowhere.  Anytime I try to add a new event to my event structure in the producer of a state machine Labview freezes up on me.  Whenever I use the task manager to end the program I get a message stating that Labview is waiting for a  response from me.  After seeing this I tried again and hit enter when Labview froze again.  It added an event without any cases and without displaying the Edit window that usually would pop up.  I have tried restarting my computer and repairing Labview, but nothing so far has alleviated the problem.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank You.

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Your event cofiguration seems to appear at an offscreen location and you cannot intereact with it. did you e.g. use a dual monitor setup recently?


This was discussed here before, and I think all you need to do is delete the relevant line from the LabVIEW.ini file.

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