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Event Structure Bug: Changing the type of a Numeric is not reflected immediately if the "New Value" is connected to an object with the original type

Not sure whether this has been reported before, because it appears relatively innocuitous:


If you change the type of a numeric control (say from DBL to I32) whose value you check in an Event Structure (using "NewVal"), if this output was connected to something that had the original type (for instance here DBL), the "NewVal" output is not updated and still display the original type (see picture below).




If you disconnect the output, it recovers its intended type:




No biggie... Tested in LV 2011.

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It seems like something that updates once the VI recompiles.  Hit Ctrl and the Run arrow it changes.  Or just hit the run arrow and it changes before the VI starts running.

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Does it downgrade it to "undocumented feature"?

It's actually been around since at least LV 8.5. Interestingly, LV 7.1 behaves as expected (if you change the type of "Numeric", it is immediately reflected in the "NewVal" output of the Event Structure...).

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Where were you for the 2011 Beta when we needed you? Smiley Wink


In the beata phase you would be able to interact with the developers and find out if this "as expected" behaviour.


The big challenge with declaring a bug is finding a situation that does not function "as designed" since the "as designed" part is locked up the ivory tower.


I'd call it bug myself but that is just my 2 cents.



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I have added this to our Corrective Action Request list so that it can be addressed in future releases of LabVIEW.  You can see which CARs have been addressed in each release, in this case you will be looking for CAR#313338.


Keep exploring!


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