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[Ethernet TCP/IP] Recover data from sensor - KIMO C310

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If you need 4 bytes, that is two registers.  7010 and 7011


Read 7010 and request 2 registers.  In your array, take those first two elements and typecast it to a single precision floating point.  If the number is wrong, try reversing the order of the elements.  (Some companies may use most significant word first and other least significant word first.)


The 1 byte looks like it is encoding multiple bits together.  You can use the AND function on it with the appropriate integer to determine the of individual bits.  (AND 1, AND 2, AND 4, .... AND 128) 

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Hey ! Thanks for this topic, it helped me. In the end, did you succeed in your project? Would you be available to chat? Thank you !

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