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Ethernet/IP Communuication Problem with SMC EX500 Series Manifold



I am trying to communicate though Ethernet/IP with an SMC EX500 Series Manifold. Thia manifold is part of a distributed system that connect to a gateway where you can connect inputs and outputs modules. I configure a vi with the "Ethernet/IP CIP Get Attribute" function to read the inputs and an "Ethernet/IP CIP Set Attribute" function to write to the outputs. When I run my vi, I get no error and I can read all the inputs, but I can not write to the outputs (I try to turn on and off the outputs but nothing happens).


I communicate with SMC USA and the appliction engineer of SMC replicate what I am trying to do and get the same issue (he can read the inputs but can not write to the outputs), so he contact the engineers in Japan to investigate the situation and the answer from Japan was that the EX500 Series system doesn't work with explicit messaging, that it only work with implicit messaging.


So I don't know how to do implicit communication with LabVIEW, and there is where I need your help guys. If anyone can guide me with this, I will really appreciate it.

Ferdinand Martinez
FMO Automation LLC
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Hi there, try this board instead. I believe you'll find the answers that you need here: Industrial Communications

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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