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Error7 occurred

In the attachment you will find the

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I am not seeing that the is creating a path for the CRCCOL Calibration global.ini

Is that right?

should I add this to my vi?

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You are right, doesn't add the .ini.


CRCCOL Shunt Calibration, gets the configuration folder path and then adds CRCCOL SHUNT Calibration %d.ini. My guess is that, in you are not getting the right Configuration Path set.

Can you add some indicators on the path flow to check what is coming out.


Otherwise, you have a different path on your first and last screen. Do you happen to have the problem with an .exe and not directly in LabVIEW ?

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after I added the question I did add an indicator and the path created was correct in the in CRCCOL calibration


The thing that is confusing me is that with the executable file that I got from the supplier has no problem with these VI's. everything was running correctly expect the DMM VISA so I changed only the destination global for the DMM and tried to built a new version and from there I started to have this issue


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There's something funky about paths if they are coded explicitly (as you seem to be doing), namely that there's a slightly different Path if you are in Development vs Execution (i.e. a built Application) Mode.  I tend to use Property Nodes of Static VI References to the VI I want to specify, as this works the same for both Development and Execution modes (saving my dwindling Brain Power).


Bob Schor

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I mean if you run the main VI in the development mode no error will show

but after building the excitable and the application and try to run the application I will have this error

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That's is what Bob is trying to explain : Current VI's Path is different in execution and development.

More about it :


It's more than likely that you error comes from the way the path is created in 😉

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ok so is that the same thing that they have been used in my application

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From what I see, you used the VI path, not the application folder one.

If you need to know what a VI does, you can use the context help by pressing CTRL + H.

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Did you include all dependent files with expected location when you create application?













Sanad MM


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