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Error with Write to Spreadsheet File

I have created a VI with a chart that should display the data I've acquired. Currently, it's displayed in a table...but I want to save it to a file. For some reason, the table does not store all of the data points...just the latest ones. I am using the Write to Spreadsheet File VI but it keeps giving me an error.

Also, the time stamp that my table displays is shows the year is 1904. Is there a way to fix that? Or better yet to just get rid of the date altogether.


I have attached my VI. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I forgot to mention...I'm working with Real Time, if that is a factor.
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The reason the date is 1904 is because you have stripped the signal of the date information. The conversion to a waveform and then the Get Waveform Components is silly. If you don't want the date, change the properties of the Build Table. Just double click on it.


You only get the last result in your text file because the Write to Spreadsheet is set to create a new file each time it is called. Did you pay any attention to the input called 'append to file?' Always, always, develop code with context help turned on and use it.


If you get an error with the function (or any function), in order to get help, you need to provide the error code or at the very least, the error message. Can't help you fix something when you don't explain what is wrong.

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