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Error while doing wideband spectrum monitoring

Dear Sir, 

wideband spectrum monitoring is being done (50 MHz to 01 GHz) with USRP-2920. Carrier frequency is being sweeped across the whole band. I got an error sometimes after sweeping two times and mostly during first sweep:


Error that I encounter is:
The local oscillator did not lock within the allotted time.   


I have changed my Rx channel but still i am getting the same error.

Any suggestion or help will be valuable.


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Are you able to post your vi as a Snippet or attachment? (Preferably in an older LV version.)

It helps users to better understand what you're asking if they can see the code (and they might be able to catch some errors for you, too).


Thank you!


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Dear Sir,

I guess problem is not with the VI. However snippet of my main loop is attached below.

maybe my usrp gets overburdened while scanning but i have increased the wait time inside the loop but the same problem occurs.



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That is not a snippet of your VI.


That is a photograph of your monitor.


A snippet is something you get from Edit >>  Create VI Snippet from Selection.   Or better yet, the Code Capture Tool you can download from VI Package Manager from JKI.


Better yet is to attach your actual VI!

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