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Error when want publish panel at web by using Web publishing tools.

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You marked your own reply as the solution?  How did you solve it?


Did Adnan's link help you?  If so, mark that as the solution.  And if so, exactly how did it help you?


It can't be that the VI was not actually in memory, because in your response to me, you said you had it running.

It can't be that the web server wasn't enabled because you got served up a webpage.

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Ya, I solve it already. 


The Adnan's link helped me.


In response to you, I said is LabView program runnig, not my VI runnig. If I know your meaning early, that is must open my VI first, I already can slove this problem.


But anywhere, thank you for your helpping. Your information also help me more.   

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Then please mark Adnan's reply as the solution, not your thank you note.


I did say "Is the VI running on the server computer?"  I don't know how you confused that with "Is LabVIEW running on the server computer?"


I'm glad you have it worked out.Smiley Happy

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Thanks your remind. 


Change already, mistake.



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