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Error when building PDA project 'Unsupported control - Knob, 680'

I'm developing an application for my PDA (8.2 LabVIEW version) which was in the past running in my laptop with the 7.1 version of LabVIEW. I'm working step by step and as soon as I inserted an own subVI an error occur. This own subVI containes also other own subVI but everything was working perfectly on my laptop. So I just provide you a picture of the error window, hoping somebody already encounters this kind of message.
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LabVIEW PDA do not allow using the same variety of functions and controls as the PC versions. You should rework your "faulty" vis by replacing the original controls with the available PDA controls (and functions). When developing for a PDA, avoid as much as possible prototyping on a LV PC version... Good luck !
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