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Error opening Labview 14 RT INI vi's if the code is open by dynamicly calling the code

I have code written that is dynamiclly started in RT. In this code I tried using the INI file VI set. when the code is started the vi can not be found and when debugging it show they are missing. htis is only in real time and when being dynamic call. My work around was to create my own INI VI SEt and it works fine but I would like to stay with the standard.


Has anyone run into this and if so have you been able to fix it? 

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I don't understand what you are trying to do, I don't know why you are trying to do it, and I can't see your code to try it myself or to give you some ideas about how to improve it.  If you do submit your code so we can better understand your question, be sure to attach it as a VI or as a compressed folder (a .zip file) containing the entire Project.


Bob Schor

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Since things are dynamically called, you need to make sure you "always include" the VIs you are calling.


Otherwise, I need to see code to diagnose further.

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