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Error message for Labview used by Dynamic Sciences LLC no serial or line ID

I am using Labview for my calibrations and this was originally purchased by Dynamic Sciences International. I use windows 7 on my computer. It has been running fine but yesterday I got an error message that I cannot solve. Enclosed is a picture. I do not have the serial number or service ID since this company is now out of business. My new company is Nevada RF Services LLC.

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That is definitely a message from the program itself and has nothing to do with LabVIEW. Without support from someone knowing this app and/or having access to the original source code, your outlook to get this fixed is dire. And it does not seem to be a license error, or maybe it is, but then things are even more grave.


As said this is not LabVIEW but specific to the application you use and neither NI or anyone else on these boards can help you, unless "maybe" if they are an active user of this specific software and have run into this problem before themselves.

Rolf Kalbermatter
DEMO, TU Delft
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As said, this message is specific to your application and not LabVIEW.


However, something that is possible is that they MIGHT have given you an EXE with debug code inside it.  MIGHT.


If you look in the folder with the EXE, is there an INI file with the same name as the EXE?  And, if so, does it have a line saying "DebugServerEnabled=True" in it?


If so, you can think about looking in to hiring a consultant to diagnose the problem.  If not, your only option is to look at your PC with the program on it and try to figure out what changed.  It's missing a table of information somehow... did you delete any files?  Unhook from the network?  

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I have updated the Windows 7 and had the frame error fixed. No change.

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I changed some data in a calibration file. I am gonna try a new eeprom for the unit under test. Perhaps something is corrupted.

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Rolf, thanks for answering up. I did find a solution to my problem. After updating my computer and fixing the frame error, nothing had changed. I had to use my older computer and run an older version of Windows and Labview. This also did not work right away. I finally decided to hunt down the $cal.cfg file that closely matched the unit under test. Believe it or not, I found a good match in the recycle bin. When I restored it, it asked if I wanted to replace the current using the restored one. I said yes. It finally worked but a big clue was the file size. The bad one was much smaller indicating it was missing a lot. The older successful cfg file served as a good template.

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