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Error during upgrading LabVIEW to 6.02 from 6.00

When executing the 6.02 update patch, It halt at the point: Finding MSI database, and a dialog popup:

Title: NI MSI Patcher

Message: The local database for this product could not be found. Shall I attempt to reinstall the database? If yes, you will need your your original installation medium.

After install, It prompt me to reset, and the updater show the last popup for install again. It still don't work no matter i reset the computer or not. It always halt at this point. Could you help?

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Hello km9394,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding upgrading LabVIEW. After looking at the screenshots provided I understand that you are not able to complete the installation process due a missing local database. The problem could have different resolutions depending on the operating system that you are using. One possible solution is to register your version of Windows assuming that you are using Windows 2000. In rare cases the solution has also been to install the latest Internet Explorer patch and then attempt to reinstall LabVIEW. That patch can be found at

Similar installation problems have been reported and are documented below.

�[Kai Barck 10/16/01] Same problem with another customer. He installed Teststand, then
LV 6.0, and updated it to 6.02. After that he got error 1500 when trying to install Database Connectivity Toolset or uninstall LV. Killing the msiexec client and removing the reg entry didn't help. Eventually he fixed the problem by registering Windows 2000 from the "Getting started for Windows 2000" window that appears at startup (if you haven't selected not to show it anymore). After registration the installer finished LV installation. This may have been the case also when Tom installed IE5SP2 if it required to register. [Creston Kuenzi - 10/25/01] Another problem with 6.0.2 and the Database Connectivity Toolset. I told the customer that others had success by registering the OS, but he said that wasn't an option. In the end, he had to reinstall the OS.�

I hope these resources help. Let me know if I can further assist you.

Shea C.
Applications Engineering
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