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Error by test an NI-RFSG and NI-RFSA on Labview

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to run a VI , but by testing vi composing it, I got an error on both the NI-RFSA close vi and the NI-RFSG close vi (like shown on the picture). Do you have a solution for me please please ?


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Hello GhostCole,

What hardware are you using? And are you using example code, which one?

Wan L
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello GhostCole,


The error you are getting indicates that the device handle you are attempting to use is not a valid resource on this system.  Based on the front panel screen capture you provided it looks like you are attempting to use a device named "RFSG" on your system- is this the alias of the hardware you are attempting to use?  Are you just attempting to run the niRFSG close VI by itself?


I recommend taking a look at the NI-RFSA and NI-RFSG shipping examples, and if you are having problems with a simple VI you created please attach the VI to your post- it's very difficult to troubleshoot when we have incomplete information.



Tom L.
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Accepted by GhostCole

Thanks guys,

I am using 2 MIMO's blocs, one with 4 NI 5663E (3 slaves and 1 master), and other with 4 NI 5673E (3 slaves and 1 Master also). I just found the solution, this morning, the problem was due to an obsolete vi, I just take a Labview 2012 version of some vi (like niRFSA initialize, and some others ) and the problem was solved !

Thank you for helping 😉

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