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Error:: NULL handle passed. File=NIAutoRunDlg.cpp Line#=202 :: after uninstall now trying to reinstall.

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More clearly stating my problem:  I uninstalled LabVIEW 7.1, but can not get it to reinstall due to the NULL handle passed error.  Thanks.
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Accepted by topic author FRU

Are you trying to install from a CD? Try browzing the CD and copy the files to your hard drive and run the setup from there. Let me know if that doesn't work.


What is your Operating System?

Vince M
Applications Engineer
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Obviously I am new.  After installing the LabVIEWstudent version 7.1.1 in WinXP, I realized that I did not have the driver I needed installed so I deceided to de-install, set up the driver for Lego NXT, then reinstall LabVIEW.   After failing to figure out how to set up the driver (not actually having a NXT) even though I found the sample, I decided to just start experimenting and learning how to use the LabView interface without the driver.  Upon trying to reinstall from the CD, I kept getting the error described above.


After the suggestion from Vince M., I copied the CD to the HD and used Autorun.exe and the (re-)install worked fine.  I'm not sure what earlier activities were causing the problem, but now I have the install, but without the NXT driver.  Good enough for now.


Trying to guess at my earlier problem, to possibly help someone else, maybe I was executing setup.exe, rather than autorun.exe.  Just for more background, I did use a registery cleaner in order to try and remove all traces of the previous install, but I not certain of the benefits on the final resolution, if any, of doing so.


Another item, before the original install, I tried to copy the CD the my HD but kept getting an error message about something related to redundancy, but i don't recall the specifics.


That's the whole picture.  Thanks Vince M. for taking the time to assist.


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