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Error Message

When I try to set attributes (source selection, etc) for my
PC-6602 NI-TIO based counter/timer board, I get an error message that I'm
using the incorrect parameter ID. I think it's error -10123, invalid
param ID, but I can't remember. However, I am using the same attributes
as NI-supplied VI's, and they don't give me that error. Is there
something I need to do "first" before setting attributes? In one vi I set
up a group and then set attributes, and it runs fine and does buffered
period measurement (although it never restes the counters, like the manual
claims, which is different from NI-supplied examples). However, in a VI
with buffered DAQ *and* trying to do buffered period acquisition, it never
takes any counter data. *shaking head* S
ometimes it seems as if NI stuff
is in a constant state of beta. I also can't get the board to support the
80-MHz timebase it says it's capable of.

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