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Error Code from NI-6561 Self Test

I recently had a HD failure on one of my instrument computers and had to reinstall labview from scratch. I had all my VIs backed up and have made been able to get my 6703, 6221, and 6713 cards to work just fine. However, my PCI 6561 card fails the self test in measurements and automation window and gives.


The device self test has failed. The error report from the device driver is as follows:


Error -239021 occured at Self Test


Possible Reason(s):

Internal Hardware Error occured in MIG hardware. Please contact National Instruments Support


Any help would be incredibly useful. 

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which version of NI HSDIO did you reinstall?

We recently released NI HSDIO 1.6 to support the NI PXIe-6544 and 6545 in addition to the other HSDIO devices such as the 6561 and its available for download from:

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I have 1.6 currently installed. The card is recognized fine, but fails the self test.
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Hey there,

Two things you can try:

1. Try the card on the different computer and see if it passes self-test there.

2. If that works then re-install the driver in the old compute. (This should fix the problem)


If neither work go to this link and a create the RMA may be your card is broken.


Good luck 🙂



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