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Error Code: -63040 with NI cRIO-9012



When I try to run my compiled VI for the FPGA I get at random the following error message:


Error Code: -63040

NI-RIO: (Hex 0xFFFF09C0) A connection could not be established to the specified remote device. Ensure that the device is on and accessible over the network, that the device is not in safe mode, that NI-RIO software is installed,     and that the RIO server is running and properly configured.

For NI-RIO 2.3 and later, refer to Software>>NI-RIO>>NI-RIO Settings under the system in MAX.
Prior to NI-RIO 2.3, refer to Software>>NI-VISA>>VISA Options under the system in MAX.


Sometimes it gets resolved when I rerun the code but most often I have to restart the cRIO several times. The problem occurs most often when I use FIFOs in my VI but I cannot confirm that this is the only reason.

Had anyone a similar error message and what can I do to prevent it?




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What versions of LabVIEW and NI-RIO driver are you using?


When this error comes up are you still able to see your cRIO under remote devices in MAX? If you do not see the cRIO under MAX try pinging the IP address it was using before you started the test. To expand on that, can you give us a little more information of how your network is set up? Are you connected directly from cRIO to host? do you have two NICs on your host PC? is the cRIO set to a static IP or dynamic?



Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Hi Jacobson


Here the missing information:


Labview version: 11.0.1

NI-RIO Driver version: 14.0.1


In MAX I was never able to see my cRIO under network devices. But when I open the Network browser I was able to detect my cRIO, even when the error messgae showed up.

The cRIO is connected to a switch which in turns is connect to the only NIC of  my computer. I assigned a static IP to my cRIO and I was always able to ping this IP.


Thanks for any help.


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If your RT code takes a 100% CPU load, your target becomes unreachable.


Check your CPU load by using the DSM.

I suppose a problem in your code. Try to avoid untimed while loops for example.


Hope it helps



PS: Try to add your target manually to the MAX.

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But There's no code running on my target. I compile the code an when I try to run it this error message pop's up. My code is plain simple: a while loop and inside a data aquisition vi coupled to a fifo.

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can anyone help me with the error. i am working on off-grid mode but my system is displaying an error message whenever i try running the code.  but it connects with the grid mode. i dont seem to understand what is happening here. i need an urgent help please. the snip shot of the error is shown below.

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Hello icey


In general, it's best to start a new thread for a new issue, so I'd recommend that you do that, it'll help get the issue more attention.


For your new post, can you please include information about what grid and off-grid mode means? Do you mean if the project item is connected or not to the cRIO? If I understand correctly, you are able to connect to the target from the project, but you are unable to run an FPGA VI in interactive mode, Is that right?





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Thanks for your reply,

Thats right. am unable to connect the interactive mode. for the new thread i dont know how to go about it since am new here, it would be nice if you put me through.

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