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Error Code 37 running labview 6 with windows XP

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I've checked most of the posts concerning this Generic error code 37. Here is my dilemma..Currently running Labview 6 on a windows NT system. That computer is on its last legs and we want to upgrade to XP...I installed labview 6 on an XP machine and the program runs fine..and I actually get data from my external device except I get the ERROR 37...The big thing is I cannot run a SUBVI that creates a linear fit because once I get the error 37, the SUBVI stops. I can't understand how I can read data from my external device, yet get the device not found msg. I've even tried installing LV 7, and LV 8 yet get the same results.

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It's hard to say without knowing more information. What kind of device are you talking to? What protocol are you using? My guess is that you're using serial, as error code 37 was common with serial port compatibility VIs with LabVIEW 6.  What does your code look like? Can you post your code?


And last, but not least: If you have LV 7 and LV 8 why are you sticking with 6? Is it a licensing issue?

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I tried to post the VI twice so far and both times the server timed out. Anyway..the device is analog..used to determine coating thickness on a metal substrate thhrough impedence. The analog signal goes through and A-D converter prior to the comm port (RS232). We have labview 7 & 8 with license for both..I don't want to change until I can figure out why the VI runs with LABVIEW 6 on one machine but not the other. The machine it currently runs on is NT based..We want to upgrade to XP as our IS dept doesn't support NT. We have a sister plant that runs the same program but in LV 5.1 (on XP platform with no issues). I tried their userlib in 5.1 on my XP machine and got the same error "Error 37 occurred at initialize serial port" This makes me think the error is in my comm port...


Any help is greatly appreciated

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You can easily check to see if you have a problem with your COM port by simply using HyperTerminal. If that works, the problem isn't hardware. Since you can't upload your coard can you at least determine if it's using the serial compatibility VIs? If so, you will want to check the KB articles for error code 37 and serial compatibility VIs. Ultimately, the best solution for you is to update your code to use VISA.
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It sounds like to me hat there is a proble with your serpdrv file. Here is a kb that describes this error (Reason number 3) as well as other reasons this may be occurrng. I would also close the serial port to mak sure nothing else is currently using it.

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RIO Embedded Hardware PSE

CompactRIO Developers Guide
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Thanks for the information...Unfortunately I tried all the suggestions and still no luck. The weird thing is I can get individual data from the analog device to output from the VI (i get actual data to show where it is supposed to show in the output boxes), yet I still get the "ERROR 37" message. The one big problem is that I cannot standardize the device through the LV program and therefore the individual data is not calibrated properly. In the standardize VI, the programs runs through a series of samples, and creates a calibration curve. Then when we run individual analyses the calibration curve is used. The problem that occurs in the standardize VI is that the program doesn't advance past the first sample (error 37)so I cannot generate the calibration curve.


All of the suggestions are greatly aprreciated. What I really do not understand is that without changing anything (just copying files from one computer to another) how the error code comes about. One thing I am going to try over the weekend is to add another COMM port and see what happens.


This may seem ignorant, but How do you "CLOSE" a COMM port???

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Accepted by topic author vskerche

To close the Communication port  you could create a new blank vi, put down a visa close on the block diagram, point it to the port to close and run the vi.

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CompactRIO Developers Guide
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