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Error -8000 XNET Close Diagnostic

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Hi, I have a problem with the „Close“ (Automotive Diagnostic Command Set) after requesting an empty event memory with "UDS“. This leads to the error -8000 -> NI Automotive Diagnostics Command Set: The handle passed to the function is not valid.
After closing the VI LabVIEW freezes. Maybe the XNET background is hanging up?

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it seems that you lose the reference somewhere in your application.


Could you provide your code to have a closer look?


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If there is no DTC, the "False" case isn't executed, but unfortunately Labview hangs up during closing.

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That close should probably be outside of the case structure.  What if there is no DTCs?  Then you never close your reference?  Opening a reference and never closing it could lead to memory leaks.  I think regardless of how many DTCs you have, you should close that reference before leaving that subVI.  For every open call, you should execute a close.

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Damn, this seems to be the solution! Thanks Hoovahh!

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