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Error 63 occurred at TCP Open Connection in Simple Data while connecting to Network Attached Storage device.

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I tried the simple data client and simple data server example. I tried this example to connect to a NAS device. My laptop is properly communicating with the device, since I pinged the address of the NAS device and found out it is working perfectly fine. Also I have set the static ip address of my pc same as the NAS. So everything I have done. But when I run the program giving the ip address of the NAS device, it shows an error 63. 

Error 63 occurred at TCP Open Connection in Simple Data

Possible reason(s):  LabVIEW:  Serial port receive buffer overflow. ========================= LabVIEW:  The network connection was refused by the server.

Why is this happening. What can be done to solve this problem. Thanking You.

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What are you trying to do with the NAS? Is it a windows-based one running your 'server' VI?


If you set the static IP address the same as your NAS - then you will have an IP address conflict - each device on the network must have a unique IP address.


'Network connection was refused by the server' implies that there might be a firewall blocking the connection or that the IP address you are connecting to isn't listening (e.g. your server VI is no longer listening).

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Thanking You for your kind reply Mr Sam.

Yes it is a windows based device.

I have done a program to backup files using tcp/ip in labview. I have tried that using the ip address of my pc and source and target path both inside my pc and it works fine. But then I did with the target path being a folder in NAS and ip address of NAS being given and the backingup of data is not happening.

Hence I tried the simple client and simple server example with the ip address of NAS and it isl not working. That is when I understood the problem is with the NAS.

Also I have connected NAS direstly to a port in my computer and not to a router because my company doesnt allow me to that. I am just in testing phase I am testing the NAS  by connecting it to my computer. Hence I had to make the static ip address of pc same as that of the ip address of the NAS. Otherwise the NAS is not being detected. But the last 3 digits of both ip address are different to avoid conflict like and

So this is the general scenario. So what is it that which is preventing from connecting to the NAS. Is it the firewall of the NAS. Also server VI is no longer listening means what.

Thanking You.

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Accepted by topic author vindsan

@vindsan wrote:

Is it the firewall of the NAS. 

Yes, it's quite likely. Try disabling the firewall and try again. If the code works when you run both the server & client on your machine, but not when you run the server on your NAS and the client on your machine (assuming you're entering the correct port for the NAS), then it's very likely to be a firewall issue.

@vindsan wrote:

Also server VI is no longer listening means what.

Your Server VI only listens once for a connection, after it has received an incoming connection (or it times out after 60s), it will stop listening and the port will no longer be open for incoming connections - you would need to re-run the VI for another connection. With your code, you would need to run the server VI and then run the client VI within 60s so it doesn't time out.

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Hi. I'm need to communicate Mitsubishi FX5U PLC using MODBUS TCP IP communication and also need to acquire data using Ni 9234 card simultaneously. But when I try to run VI, error 63 occurred. Code starts to acquire data from cdaq, but communication with PLC gets broken. Please someone help me.

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Please make a new thread in the message board. This thread is quite old.

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