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Error -50808 after running program for specified period of time?



I have a program containing a main VI with multiple sub VIs. The main purpose of the program is to collect electromyogram data from a varying number of muscles (1 or more input channel during usage). When I run the program using a physical DAQ and collecting 32 channels of noise data at 10 kHz, the Error -50808 appears (below) after a specified period of time. On my laptop, the error appears after ~550 seconds, while on my desktop, the error appears after ~1k seconds. 

screenshot2-544 & 617.PNG


I searched for the error, which states to turn off USB port sleep. I did what the post suggests, and the error still appears.


Is this a memory overflow error? What else would be causing this error regarding USB transfer to appear? It's like I unplugged the USB DAQ input during program usage, which of course I did not do!


Also, this error does not appear when using a simulated DAQ, only with a physical DAQ!


Thank you so much in advance!

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