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Error -5010 occured at circular buffer.lvlib Circular Buffer (2D DBL).vi

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we are trying to log 96 channels of data from 6 NI 9205 cards at 15 kilo samples per second, then we read the data into the computer in a circular buffer, that is used to compute a real time running average and update a graph. After about 1 or 2 days of continuous recording we get the errors below.


Details: Note that we have taken care of creating a different data type for the 2D DBL in the circular buffer as explained in the help manual of Labview for the CircularBuffer.lvlib:Circular Thus, by creating 3 different data type options we are able to use the same 2D DBL data type. 


We do not understand as to why we get this error after about a day or two every-time. One of more information we observed is that the graphics of the computer became sluggish with windows automatically changing the resolution of the screen. 


Does any one have any idea about this error or have encountered it before with possible solutions?


error labview 17 nov memory.pngnot enough memory error popup.png

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The Circularbuffer.lbvlib is not part of a standard LabVIEW as far I know (I don't have it, nor is there anything in the help file). Which library are you using exactly?


Are you intializing the buffer with an appropriate number of samples? This error usuall occurs when you have infinitely growing arrays/queues/etc.

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Dear  beyondgravity,


This error means that you get a buffer overflow, which is that you read too fast and your memory is not big enough to hold the data. Thus it just brings out the error. One possible improvement you can do is you can make the rate of reading and emptying buffer the same so that buffer doesn't become ever full. You can save it in a file and empty it and read again or do other improvement. The key point is to empty your buffer with at least the same rate as you fill it. Otherwise you can also  override your data, but I don't suggest it as you will lose the data. Here's a link that can help you :


P.S. If your code is big, it is good to just attach it, so it is easier to just download and test it for the others.


Best regards,


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Accepted by topic author beyondgravity



Thanks for your reply.


I found the solution to this by increasing the Virtual Memory on Windows


Start --> Control Panel ---> System ---> Adjust the appearance and performance of windows -----> Advanced ---> Virtual Memory. 


I set it to 20 GB and it seems to work find as Windows allocated 20 GB of the hard-disk space as a kind of memory space for paging and thus increases the overall RAM memory of the system.


This solved the problem. 

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