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Error -375006 unflatten from JSON with a list of variables

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Hello everyone. I'm working on LABVIEW NXG and I'm trying to open a JSON that has an array with a list of variables. The JSON has the "type and defaults" terminal that is required to wire but I don't know what I have to write/place there to be able to read the list of variables. 


I already try to put an array constant and inside a string constant since is text what I'm expecting, to me, it makes logic but it's not working. Can someone be so kind helping me with this? 

Thx in advance! 



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What kind of JSON data are you expecting? You need to model a LabVIEW cluster that corresponds to the expected data and wire it to the type and defaults terminal.

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In addition to what @cordm said, if you are getting started with LabVIEW NXG in order to use the Web Module I'd recommend looking into the newer G Web Development Software.


G Web Development Software is the successor to LabVIEW NXG Web Module and has the latest updates available. A good getting started guide is How to Build a Web UI for Your LabVIEW-Based Test System.


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I was expecting an array with a list of variables. And thank you for your comment, I already fix the problem I was facing. 
Here is how I did it.

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Thank you @MilanR for your kindly advice. I'm currently using NXG because that's the one my university has credentials. Maybe later they will get the G Web. 

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