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Error -363011 on I2C MyRIo



I am brand new to labview so sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am attempting to use my rio to control a I2C device, but I am running into a problem. Using the code attached, I get error -363011 at error 3 onwards, which says:

"LabVIEW myRIO:  A No Acknowledge (NAK) bit was received from the slave device after the last address transmission."


I don't understand why I am not getting an acknowledgment signal, which I assume has something to do with the code but I do not understand labview enough to know what I have done wrong. I have included the I2C protocol I am trying to code 




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Hey Andrew,

Would you be so kind to attach you actual VI? It's easier to go from there to help you. Also, can you share a link to the documentation of your I2C device? Or, if it is not public, at least the name+model?


Looking at your screenshot, I had several ideas on what could go wrong (cannot verify any without your hardware, sorry):

  • Check the actual bytes you are sending. Your string will currently be "X:0.0", and your byte array will have 5 bytes. So no termination character or length information. Your device's manual should state what it expects.
  • The screenshot of the manual shows a read function - you are trying to write data. Did you attach the correct function?
  • If so, the multi-byte read of your device seems to expect a 1-byte register address written (instead of a 5-byte "X:0.0") to define the register to read. HAd you already tried that?

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Thanks for the reply. The screen shot of the Vi wasn't the actual version I was running as I was trying to play around with the register address to get it to work and screenshotted a incorrect version. The one byte version in on the attached Vi. This should give a one byte register address, but when used still brings up the same issue at error 3.


I was attempting to use the write function as I thought that was the correct way to write the register address for the multi-byte read? I have attached the datasheet for the device. 


Thanks for your help,


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Sorry I don't think the Vi Attached

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