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Error -301034 with ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit

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I am getting an error -301034 occured at MC Daq Initialize when I try to run my program.


ccp error.JPG

I have verified my measurement names are spelled correctly (case specific) and the a2l file is a copy of one that is being used on another test stand that uses Canape. I copied the a2l file again and reinstalled it but the error is the same.


I have verified the CRO and DTO and they are correct.


Any ideas what may be causing this?

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Hello AAM,


It is possible our A2L parser does not understand some syntax in the measurement definition in the A2L.  Would it be possible to paste the measurement definition here?  You can change the confidential information with Xs.  


O. Proulx
National Instruments
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Here is one of the three



/* Name */ xxx_xxxxxxxxMode

/* Long Identifier */ ""

/* Type */ VALUE

/* Memory Address */ 0x2235

/* Record Layout */ Scalar_UBYTE

/* Maximum Difference */ 0

/* Conversion Method */ COMPU_METHOD_27

/* Lower Limit */ 0

/* Upper Limit */ 255


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Accepted by topic author AAM

Hello AAM,


Are you trying to use a Characteristic Name in the DAQ Initialize?  You said you got the error on the DAQ Initialize, and the error says that the measurement was not found...but you posted a characteristic here...


Could you also make sure that the COMPU_METHOD_27 is defined in your A2L.  It should be defined (something) like this:

      RAT_FUNC "%6.2" ""
      COEFFS 0 1 0 0 0 1
    /end COMPU_METHOD 


Have a great week.

O. Proulx
National Instruments
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    While I am running the sequence, the same error is popping up for writing and reading all the calibrated values from the A2L file. Can you please guide me what to do in this case?



Surya Kolluru

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Hello Surya,


I recommend posting your question as a new topic, as this one is seven years old. This way you will have more views and a higher likelihood of response. 


Best of luck!

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