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Error 2147024882 in database

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Error 2147024882 in database

Good afternoon.


I'm trying through NI DIAdem 2011 analyze vibration signals, one of the problemas is that the database is in Microsoft Access and all the data was inserted as a string. So I made a VI that convert all the data to a numeric value and generates a TDMS file for DIAdem.


Acces to TDMS.png


This VI works perfect with small databases, the major problem is that the files I need to analyze are from 500 mb to 700 mb and when I insert the database the DB Tools Select Data VI gives me the 2147024882 error, I'm guessing becasuse the size of the files.


So, is there anyway to insert all this data without divide my database?


Thanks and greetings.

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回复: Error 2147024882 in database

According to, 0x8007000E (-2147024882) means "E_OUTOFMEMORY Failed to allocate necessary memory". 


Could you provide your machine info? e.g., Windows 7 64bit, 16GB memory, LabVIEW 2011


If you could provide a VI and test db file to reproduce this issue, others might do more help.

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回复: Error 2147024882 in database

Hi Bo Xie:


My computer is low in resources


Procesor: AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core QL-65 2.10 GHz

RAM: 3.00 GB

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

LabVIEW 2010


I attached the VI but the forum page won't let me attached de database.


But its just a table with 5 colums, saved in 2002-2003 format, these are the colums:


Fecha         (Date)

Hora           (Time)

Eje X          (X Axis)

Eje Y         (Y Axis)

Eje Z          (Z Axis)


You can simulate a signal and insert it into the database for simulate the problem.



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回复: Error 2147024882 in database

Try to upload your database. It's an FTP server for NI customer usage.

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Accepted by topic author Rolando-stc
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

回复: Error 2147024882 in database

Thanks for the help but i was able to solve the problem through DIAdem, creating a new numeric channel and copying the generated stings into that new channel and DIAdema automatically converted into numeric data.

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