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Error 2146827284 Report Generation

I am acquiring continuous data at 1000Hz and it runs fine till around 65 seconds and it generates report with data till that time, but as soon as I run the vi above 65 seconds it gives me an error ( pic attached) as soon as I press the stop button. I am not sure why that happens. I am using 2010 excel to generate the report. I have attached the pic and the actual vi. Kindly help.

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Hey Hi,



Have you configured the Microsoft Office Report template?


Read this or follow the steps given below


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For goodness sakes, don't use an Express VI to create an Excel Report!  There's a not-too-bad example posted on the Forums (in the search bar, type the word "Revised " (with the space), let it search, and pick the one near the top that includes the word "Excel") that shows you how simple it is to "do this right".  I know the author ...


Bob Schor

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