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Error -201025 Amplitude Swept



I am currently running a NI USB 6259 DAQ board connected to my device under test (DUT), I have been able to get the swept sine program from NI working however I am currently now working on amplitude swept now to keep constant frequency and vatry excitation. My hardware is connected to a windows 7 Dell optiplex 9020 which connects my DAQ power amplifier ans electrodynamic shaker (Sinocera Modal Shaker JZK-5). 


When running the program I encounter the error: Error -201025 occurred at DAQmx Control


Possible reason(s):

Non-buffered hardware-timed operations are not supported for this device and Channel Type.

Set the Buffer Size to greater than 0, do not configure Sample Clock timing, or set Sample Timing Type to On Demand.

Task Name: _unnamedTask<7F>


However when stepping through the program individually I encounter the error: 200088.


I possibly beileve the hardware is is not communicating with the assigned task channels; I have also attached the code of where the problem occurs, committing AI and AO tasks through DAQ mx


Does anyone have possible solutions or encountered this before


Your help is mot appreciated 


Regards Tanju

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Can you show me where are you creating both tasks? before they get output from the cluster. I would like to see how you are creating the channel.


Also this kind of error (-200088) appears when tasks are not closed correctly.

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